WASHINGTON (DC News Now) – Dany Garcia came up with the idea to buy the XFL, and brought along business partner (and ex-husband) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The two teamed up with Red Bird Capital, and the newest edition of the XFL was born.

Garcia felt she had the perfect experience as a successful businesswoman running a multi-industry empire to bring a different, fun concept of a sports league to fans.

Before becoming the co-owner and chairwoman of the XFL, Garcia was the CEO and chairwoman of The Garcia Companies, a global brand development and management company. She created a fashion/athleisure clothing line, GSTQ, and co-founded Seven Bucks Productions alongside Dwayne Johnson.

Garcia was also previously married to Johnson. During his career in the early 2000s, she introduced the concept of creating an individual brand based on a person in Hollywood, and that is how we all know “The Rock” today.

As a first-generation Cuban-American, Garcia attributes her successful business practices to her upbringing as a Latina living in New Jersey.

“As a first-generation growing up as an American, I could see this country through their (her parents) eyes, which is opportunity if you work hard. I would say that humility and drive and knowing that I will always have to work for what I earn and not being burdened by a sense of entitlement as allowed me to be the best Dany Garcia in the room, and that is specific to my upbringing.”

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