SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WDVM)–The Fairfax County Police arrested two men who were caught stealing at JC Penney and tried to run from police at Springfield Mall. 

Officers arrived to Springfield Mall after being made aware of two men shoplifting, when officers got there they noticed the two men getting into a stolen vehicle.

One of the men ran off and officers were able to catch and arrest 29-year-old Janaro Febuary. He was charged with receiving stolen property and grand larceny. 

The other man was 30-year-old Shawn Grant who drove off in the car and was chased by police, he was finally caught when officers used something called a Precision Immobilization Technique. 

Officers say the technique is designed to safely arrest people who are fleeing from cops.

“It is designed to safely bring to an end a vehicle pursuit, we do have specialized training in the deployment of that maneuver, in this case it worked very effectively to safely immobilize a vehicle, and arrest its driver,” said Lieutenant John Lieb, Fairfax County Police Department. 

Grant was charged with three counts of destruction of property, three counts of assault on law enforcement, grand larceny, receiving stolen property, disregard police command to stop, prevent officer from making arrest and false ID to law enforcement.