Families made a splash this Labor Day at Potterfield Pool in Hagerstown, as they wrapped up the summer and prepare to head back to school.
“Ughh! I’m dreading it, but I’m ready,” Briana Brown, Potterfield Pool visitor, said.
School is about to be back in session, but that didn’t stop families from having some fun in the sun on the last day to hit Potterfield Pool.
“We’re here to celebrate Labor Day on the very last day before school, because when school starts, we’re not going to be able to do a lot of stuff,” Brown said.
For the first time, Washington County students are heading back to school after Labor Day, and students said they appreciate it.
“We were specifically able to operate longer, because students went back after Labor Day. Had school resumed prior to Labor Day, I don’t think that would have been the case,” Tony Attard, the Aquatics Manager at Potterfield Pool, said.
“I don’t want to go to school as early as possible. I’d like to spend my summer like summer,” Kaitlyn Young, high school student and lifeguard at Potterfield Pool, said.
Officials at Potterfield Pool said the later start has been helpful for their business, and student workers agree.
“If we start after Labor Day, and if you’re working, you get to get more money to save up for college, or I guess, for your own needs,” Young said.
Unlike other public pools in the area closing due to staffing issues, Potterfield Pool said they were able to remain open two weeks leading up to Labor Day.
“A lot of people enjoy bringing their children here to make memories similar to what their parents had,” Attard said.
Officials said they are already looking forward to next summer.