ASPEN HILL, Md. (WDVM) — An apartment building in Aspen Hill, Maryland was evacuated due to a fire early Friday evening. All families and pets were evacuated without injuries, according to authorities.

One firefighter has non-life-threatening injuries.

Residents ran out of the building on Postgate Terrace after seeing smoke and hearing fire alarms.

Resident Jayden Williams said, “I was sitting down, eating my food, and in the middle of us eating we heard the alarms, but you know, that happens every once in a while, so we didn’t really take it serious.”

Then Williams and his family heard neighbors coming down the stairs; that was their cue to head out.

Williams said firefighters got there in a matter of minutes. Residents grabbed what they could before running out of their apartments.

Cassi Mason got her phone, keys, and purse before running outside and seeing the flames near her window.

Early on, some residents weren’t sure if their units had been affected. Fire officials say putting out the blaze was a tough task.

“There were pretty heavy fire conditions when we got here, especially on the backside of the building, pretty significant damage, a little bit of a stubborn fire got up into the attic area,” said Pete Piringer of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services.

All four-footed family members made it out safe, some with the help of firefighters. Neighbors are relieved that the situation didn’t become more serious.

Officials aren’t yet sure what caused the fire, but they know it started on the backside of the building.

More than 80 firefighters responded to the scene.