A staple of Winchester’s dining experience  has finally finished undergoing some renovations in order to better serve the community and their employees – some of which may not be able to successfully gain employment elsewhere.

“I’ve ever had here was phenomenal, the customer service has always been superior here, the employees just make you smile,” Theres Gaines of Firefly Cafe & Bakery says. 

Theresa Gaines has gone from customer to employee, as one of firefly’s newest managers. The cafe left such an impression on her, that she decided it would be a great place to work and many others like her, including those with disabilities are welcome to get their start at the firefly cafe with opportunities for job training and work experience.

“When the opportunity arose, i jumped on it just because i do believe in the mission.” Gaines says. 

The restaurant recently went through some physical changes that will allow its employee base and services to grow with an expansion of 1,100 square feet.

“The way we produced our food previously with a very small kitchen was kind of like a closet to this beautiful large kitchen that we have right now, with all of the prep areas and cooking stations is night and day, we’re able to serve more people, get more food out.” Lisa Dellinger of Firefly Bakery & Cafe says. 

They were able to double the size of the kitchen and add about forty more seats to the restaurant, the now 4,500 square foot cafe can hold up to 120 people. 

“People knowing what we do and who we do it for is just, the support that we get from our community is amazing, because everyone wants to help.” Darren Ward of Firefly Bakery and Cafe says. 

And now that they have even more room for the community, firefly staffers are excited about the chance to meet and continue serving them. 

“Everybody is welcome and everybody is made to feel welcome, so when you feel that when you walk into an establishment it makes you feel like coming home.” Dellinger says.

A part of firefly cafe and bakery’s mission statement is…”The only disability is a bad attitude.”