The Thomas’ English Muffin bakery in Frederick is unveiling a new system designed to turn wastewater into renewable energy.

Bimbo bakeries USA, and partner Environmental Management Group International, Inc. revealed a new digester system at the bakery on Nov. 1 

The two-part system is about 80 percent complete, and treats organic waste from the bakery production, like flour and oil, and converts it into a biological gas that will soon generate renewable energy.

“Down the road, what we’ll do with that bio-gas is we will more than likely put a generator here, turn a turbine, create electricity, and then that becomes renewable and then we’ll use it, theoretically, to run our plant,” explained Christopher Wolfe, the corporate director for environmental sustainability at Bimbo Bakeries USA.

Officials say they hope to begin generating renewable gas to power the plant in 2019.