The Frederick County Board of Elections says it needs more election judges.

“What we need is roughly 100 people to step up, and help us at the polling places for the general election,” said Frederick County Board of Elections Director, Stuart Harvey.

There’s plenty of seats that need to be filled for election judge training, located at the Board of Elections Headquarters on Montevue Lane in Frederick.

“If you are at least 16 years of age and you’re registered to vote then you can work as an election judge. 16 and 17-year-old’s, even though they’re not old enough to vote under law can certainly work under their parents permission and we encourage them to do so. We had a number of young people working in the primary election. We would like to see a lot more in the general, especially because school is out that day,” said Harvey.

Board of Election officials say it’s an all day affair where participants will get paid for their service.

“Election Judges vary in the polling place in terms of what they do, we have some people who check in the voters, they have a little electronic poll book in front of them, and they basically look up the voter information when the voter checks in, and issues them a little card, and they take that card over and other people issue the ballot to the voter, and then there are some people who assist the voter at the voting booth,” added Harvey.

Frederick County resident Chuck Harp says he’s been helping out at the polls for about 20 years; he says this is an important part of public service.

“It’s really the only opportunity for the public to participate in the function of government and I think it’s very important that we do that,” said Harp.

“Well quite frankly if we don’t have election judges, we don’t have an election because we need people to staff every one of our polling places here in Frederick County. We’ve got 63 different locations on election day, and we need all those people to make sure that the voters have a good experience that they’re processed properly and that their votes are tabulated,” said Harvey.

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