Meanwhile, Frederick County, Va. Public Schools had record attendance on their first day of school Wednesday.
This school year opened with just over 13,000 students, which was an all-time record.
In comparison to the first day of school last year, there were 474 more students in their buildings.
The previous record held was from the 2012-13 school year, when the division welcomed just over 12,000 students for its first day.
“We’re well aware that we have some overcrowding situations in some of our buildings, and that some of our class sizes are larger than we like, but the school board and school administration is working to address those. It’s not going to be perfect. All the problems aren’t probably going to be solved, but we are working on it to put our students in the best environment in which they can learn,” said Steve Edwards, Director, FCPS Communications.
Officials attribute the rise in attendance to the growth and economy improvements in Frederick County, Va.