Frederick Regional Health System became a certified member of the most prestigious cancer network in the country.

MD Anderson Cancer Network is the top cancer center in the country. There are only 14 systems in the U.S. that are members, which include Frederick Regional Health System – the first and only hospital in Maryland to become a member.

“We’ve always had top care. This just ensures that we’re producing the best interfaces with patients at the best possible way. Every interaction relies on the evidence of best outcomes for patients,” said Tom Kleinhanzl, president of Frederick Regional Health System.

The affiliation allows Frederick Regional Health Care System to use treatment guidelines and best practices by the MD Anderson Cancer Network.

“I personally see about 250 breast patients a year and now, I can extend their care to one of the top cancer centers in the world. It just means a lot more treatment options and access to wonderful things for our patients,” said Dr. Susan Bahl.

The MD Anderson Cancer Network is highly selective with who they chose as affiliates.

They receive roughly 20 applications a year and will only accept two institutions after a rigorous testing process.

Officials said along with their skills, the quality of care and skill at Frederick Regional Health Care was exemplary.

“The quality of the physicians, administrators, staff and the development of the cancer program all stands out. This is a wonderful program for the citizens of this part of Maryland,” said William Murphy, MD Anderson Cancer Network chairman.

There are 10 certified physicians at Frederick Regional Health System that are members of the MD Anderson Cancer Network, which means local will no longer have to travel to Houston,Texas for top cancer treatments.