Vigils and memorial services are being held across the country for the victims of the attack in Charlottesville, and Front Royal residents gathered to remember those lost.
Front Royal residents gathered on Main Street Wednesday evening to take a stand against the division happening in their home state and to remember the heroes they have lost this past weekend. 
“These groups, these neo-nazis, the white supremacists, KKK or whatever they want to call themselves, there’s no place for them in Virginia. There’s no place for them in our nation,” Jarred Hill, Front Royal resident, said. 
Vigil organizer Len Sherp said it is time to show solidarity and support for one another now more than ever. 
“The way to healing is not through violence and hatred; it’s through understanding,” Sher said. 
Regardless of race, faith or political party, those in attendance stood together in memory of those killed and injured in Charlottesville this past weekend. Many here said this is not the Virginia they know or love. 
“It’s sad, and it’s frustrating when you turn on the television and see your home state become this symbol of such awful behavior,” Hill said.
The focus of Wednesdays vigil was Heather Hyer, who was killed when a car plowed into a group of people protesting the white nationalist rally, and two Virginia State Troopers who died in a helicopter crash while monitoring that rally.
“This is what Heather would want — to get out there, and, as her Facebook page said, ‘If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention,'” Sherp said. 
Many in attendance watched Heather’s memorial service on Wednesday and said they are glad to know they are just one of the many groups across the country paying tribute to her life. They hope the families of the victims can feel their love and support. 
“I hope that they would be somehow uplifted by knowing that there are so many of us that our pouring our hearts and thoughts to them,” Rebecca Altizer, Front Royal resident, said. 
The group said it is planning to continue coming together for meetings and rallies until there is no hate in their state.