HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. (WDVM) — With so many seniors in Berkeley County shut in due to COVID, home meal delivery played an especially important role. Some grateful golfers got together Wednesday to show their support.

Woods and irons weren’t the only things these golfers brought to the tee; they brought their generosity as well. Residents of The Woods in Hedgesville expressed their gratitude to the Berkeley County Meals on Wheels over 18 scenic golf holes here. The past year has been a challenge.

“We stayed open every day of the pandemic. We never closed. There was no interruption in service, and we had to rely on getting creative because we lost many of our volunteer drivers because they themselves are seniors,” Dianne Waldron, coordinator for Berkeley County Meals on Wheels, said.

These supporters not only opened their checkbooks on the driving range and putting green; over the past year they were on the front lines.

“There are 26 volunteer residents from here at the Woods that drive for meals on wheels,” Karen Schroder with the Woods Women’s Golf Association said.

Wendy Smith is treasurer of the Woods Women’s golf association. Her own mother was a recipient of meals on wheels deliveries during COVID. Smith saw first-hand the impact meals on wheels has in Berkeley County.

“I mean, COVID shut everything down. When someone comes knocking on your door and you haven’t seen anyone in a week it just brightens your day,” Smith said.

Cindy Gresham is president of the Woods Women’s Golf Association. She says supporting Berkley County Meals on Wheels was not a difficult decision because of how closely COVID hit home.

“A lot of older folks in the area they cannot get out themselves to go to the grocery store. Some can’t really even cook. Families were very hesitant to visit older members of their family, unfortunately,” Gresham said.

Ron Springer is the head golf pro at the Woods. Charity events on his course are not infrequent, he said, but this one is special.

“It’s near and dear to the hearts of our members here that they help out with meals on wheels here in Berkeley County,” Springer said.

Berkeley County Meals on Wheels is always looking for new volunteers. Feel free to reach out to them in Martinsburg.