ARLINGTON, Va. (WDVM) — Andy Shin has been a physical trainer for 12 years, and he’s no stranger to hardships — he’s lost both of his parents and he experienced obesity and depression.

Many of us have faced similar hardships this year and might be looking for help in 2021. Shin says it’s important to personalize your exercises, especially if you haven’t been to the gym in a while. And if the gym is a no-go in your area, thanks to the coronavirus, he says working out from home is easy.

“At a gym or a fitness class you don’t have control over anything at all — who comes in, who has a cold — here, it’s great. It’s me and you. It’s personal,” Shin said.

Shin recommends starting with a pair of sliders, mini bands, and resistance bands. He puts those to work during virtual boot camps and keeps track of your progress on his app.

“Right now, everyone should focus on getting stronger in their core and their posture and to fix their instabilities, like their neck, their shoulder blades, or their hamstrings,” Shin said.

Kristina Rigopoulous started training with Shin five years ago when she was pregnant. Shin has personalized her exercises along the way and she’s kept up with them from home. “One thing that’s really cool about working out with him virtually is that you don’t need a lot of equipment,” she said. “And so at home you have everything set up, you only need to spend maybe $20, $30 on equipment, and you have everything you need.”

It’s also important to remember that even the physical trainers have rough patches. Shin had chest surgery in August and dealt with depression, anxiety, and weight gain as a result. “Health and fitness actually helped me because I saw my clients doing it from home and I thought, ‘If they can do it, I can do it, too.'”

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