“A facility that many people have looked at and wanted for many years, is now a realization of what has happened,” said Ike Leggett, Executive Montgomery County.

80 million dollars later, 50 acres in Montgomery Village is open for public safety training.

This is the final project of Executive Ike Leggett’s Smart Growth Initiative, introduced back in 2008.

“We made a commitment that not even the recession can slow down our need to protect the people of this county,” said Marc Elrich, Montgomery County Council Member.

3000 public safety employees will go through training here annually.

“All of public safety is really going to benefit from this new facility,” said Chief Tom Manger, Montgomery County Police.  “And I’ll tell you, the public is really going to benefit as well.”

From the county’s first facility for its K-9 unit, to a vehicle driving track, and multiple indoor firearm ranges, Chief Manger says the Public Safety Training Academy is cutting edge.

“If we’re able to have officers go through that stress-level and have to make those judgments in a split second, they’re more likely to be able to do it right when they hit the street,” said Manger.

There’s also a fully functional fire station, high rise burn buildings, and soon, two Metro rail cars.

“This is the kind of thing that puts Montgomery County on the map, globally if you ask me,” said Nancy Floreen, County Council President:

Training will begin in the new facility in about three weeks.