SILVER SPRING, Md (WDVM) – The Montgomery County Department of Transportation turned two Silver Spring streets into “Neighborhood Greenways” this weekend as a part of their “Shared Streets” initiative.

Holdridge Road and Grove Street became roadways that welcome pedestrians and bicyclists while limiting vehicles only to local traffic and emergency vehicles.

The change is looking to provide more neighborhood space for outdoor activities and physical distancing.

However, some neighbors are concerned that the learning curve could be be doing harm in the process.

“People are really confused by the signs,” neighborhood resident Anne Honn said. “People are hesitating, then going through, and going down several blocks. I’ve also noticed that people are disregarding the stop signs on the thru street, because it’s not a four-way intersection anymore. So it’s gotten maybe a little bit more dangerous, but I think maybe that’s a temporary thing.”

MCDOT recently conducted a Shared Streets survey with responses reportedly showing overwhelming support for neighborhood greenway-style connections.