CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. (WDVM) — A Charles Town grocer has been awarded a $125,000 federal grant for his commitment to serving neighborhoods in the Jefferson County seat that might not otherwise have access to healthy and nutritious food options.

It’s like an 18th-century farmer’s market in the heart of Charles Town, not much different now than it was centuries ago.

Todd Coyle had a vision in this historic town named for George Washington’s brother. To bridge the community between family farms on the outskirts of town with neighborhoods which can benefit from wholesome, health, fresh meats, poultry, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

“We should really be able to expand our efforts to help small farms and small businesses and reach people that we don’t normally reach,” says Coyle, whose business is Bushel & Peck.

Coyle has been awarded a $125,000 USDA grant to help reach households on federal “SNAP” benefits — minority families and the elderly.

“Our goal is really to have a healthier community,” said Coyle. “And that includes everybody.”

Coyle said his venture, in some ways is a step back in time.

“For me personally this is kind of bringing back that small town grocery feel,” Coyle said.

Coyle’s goal is to build a healthy community by working with local farmers. He is also looking to expand his footprint in the heart of downtown Charles Town with community gardens and a food distribution center.