After the Parkland shooting, thousands of young people are expected to descend on the nation’s capital on March 24th for the March for Our Lives Rally. And local Montgomery County students set up organized home sharing for students across the county who are planning to come to the area for the rally in less than two weeks. 

“If we’re able to open up our homes to other students who are coming from all over the country, then we could get as many people to this march as possible,” said Walter Johnson High School senior, Gabrielle Zwi.

March for Our Lives, a teen-lead protest for gun control, is set to take place on March 24th, just a month after the Parkland shooting. Mere days after the students organized the home-sharing network, they received hundreds of responses from out-of-town students and local hosts.

Gabrielle said, “Either they can’t afford a plane ticket and a hotel combined, or they can’t book a hotel because they are not 18 yet because we’re high school students.”

Nearly 250 students have signed up from as far as California, and even Canada. Zwi says the hosts are limited to people they know in the community and homes of students at Walter Johnson High.

The group of students used various social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, to promote their home-sharing network. Zwi also explains why the rally is so important to her, saying, “The things we were taking in that day, and the reactions we were having, caused us to all form this group together. We have never lived in a United States where school shootings weren’t’t a big issue.”

Group members are saying there are still lots of spots open for a free place to stay for the upcoming march.

The group is also accepting SmartTrip card donations to help students with metro fare to the rally on March 24th. For more information, visit