MIDDLETOWN, Md. (WDVM) — A Frederick County, Maryland man has tried more than once to become a homeowner. After more than a decade of trying, his perseverance has now paid off.

“I’ve been trying, I think, for the last 18 years…to buy a house or something. It was not easy for me,” admits Wisam Shekhi.

Shekhi and his wife, Hanan Agha, have been trying to become homeowners since 2002.

At that time, the couple was renting a space in Silver Spring. They applied for Habitat for Humanity home build, but out of large pool of applicants, they weren’t selected.

“It was not easy to rent and I was looking for a place to afford but it was difficult,” Shekhi recalls.

The family, which grew to include five children, moved to Middletown in nearby Frederick County. Shehki says the lower cost of living drew him further north. The family rented a townhouse in the area, but the renting experience wasn’t stable.

“You don’t have control of when, what time the owner of the house or landlord will ask you to leave or something. And this is what happened actually to me,” Shekhi said.

Shekhi says he has to look for another home and uproot his family.

“I couldn’t find another place to rent in Middletown because Middletown is probably one of the best places here in Frederick County,” Shekhi explained, “My kids did not like moving away. They had friends, the schools they knew, the teachers, and they were doing well in terms of schools in this area.”

So again, Shekhi turned to Habitat for Humanity for the chance to own his home.

But this time, the family was chosen as the newest homeowners of Habitat’s latest build in Middletown.

Habitat is constructing a two-story home along Jefferson Street. The site plan was modified to ensure the family has enough space to call their own.

“We weren’t originally planning to finish the basement but in order to accommodate all of the children we’re now doing that to make sure this works for their family,” explained Bethany Miller with Habitat for Humanity of Frederick County.

Miller says Shehki completed a USDA loan application process with support from Habitat to ensure a low-interest loan that will help him purchase the home at a subsidized price.

Already volunteers from build sponsors and local churches are putting in work twice a week to help nail down the family’s dream.

“Never give up. Just keep fighting. One day you can accomplish your goal,” said Sheikhi.

The home is expected to be completed in April.