The tiny house movement has exploded all over the country, and now, two Washington County natives are trying to bring it to the Hub City. 
This weekend, they will make their second appearance on national television.
“We want the jobs. If someone told you they can’t do it, call me,” said Terry Wishard, I Can Build It LLP partner.
“If there are new products, and I see something on television — another show on television — that’s showcasing a new product, [then] I want to learn about the new product as well,” said Carl Beeman, I Can Built It LLP partner.
Wishard and Beeman said they’re not afraid to think outside the box or take on challenges.
Last year, they flexed their skill set while building a bite-sized home in Texas on Tiny House Nation.
“I want to showcase the talent of our team [and] the broad range of ability that we have. Our welder [and] our general lead man worked at NASA and Disney. He’s gotta know a little something if he welded the door on the space shuttle,” Wishard said.
The most recent house the crew built on TV was in Crozet, Va. just outside Charlottesville.
“In two years, we have gotten our name on TV even though it wasn’t our show, but maybe in another two years, it will be our show,” Beeman said.
Wishard said the average tiny home costs around $35,000 to $50,000 to build. If the homeowner makes $500 monthly payments, the house would be paid off in a little over five years.
“[There’s] less house to heat [and] less house to clean. You know, a traditional home, you can’t just pack up and move your house with you,” Wishard said of tiny house benefits.
Wishard wants to bring tiny houses to Hagerstown. He has goals to start a program to build tiny houses for the homeless.
“I don’t have to build a 30 foot tiny house that’s got three lofts, a full bathroom and a kitchen if someone is just going to use it as a place to stay dry at night,” Wishard said.
I Can Build It LLP’s Tiny House Nation episode will air Saturday at 9 p.m. on FYI Network.