DICKERSON, Md. (DC NEWS NOW) — If you’re looking for something creepy to see in the DMV for Halloween weekend, look no further than Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Dickerson, Md.

Take a 45 minute walk through a creepy haunted forest, filled with clowns, skeletons and jump scares.

“You can go from a pumpkin patch, to a circus, to a UFO, a church and a crypt,” said Paul Brubachel, director of operations at Markoff’s Haunted Forest.

It all started as a haunted traveling school bus back in 1992, created by three brothers, Nick, Alex and Matt Markoff. Now, the Haunted Forest and Cursed Village have grown to be one of the top haunted attractions in the country.

“I think people’s most favorite part about coming out here is the atmosphere. That’s our specialty,” said Brubachel.

While you wait to enter the forest, you can get your fortune told, carve pumpkins, or grab a drink at the Skeleton Bar.

The forest will be open until Oct. 31.