(DC News Now) — Doctors are raising red flags after hearing President Biden’s claims on Sunday night’s 60 Minutes. While touring the Detroit Auto Show, President Biden stated that the pandemic was over but there was still work to be done in the United States.

Doctors here in the DMV told DC News Now that President Biden’s claims are very dangerous and it could be steering people in the wrong direction, especially when talking about vaccines and death rates. Doctors told DC News Now reporter Katie Rhee that the President’s claims create a perceived view of low risk while the real risk of contracting the virus has not diminished.

Dr. Yolandra Hancock, a pediatrician, and healthcare expert in Prince George’s County, Maryland, was alarmed by the President’s claims,

“When I hear anyone say that we have moved past the pandemic or that the pandemic is over? It gives me huge pause when we are still losing over 460 people per day.”

Dr. Hancock refuted the President’s claims and says the numbers don’t lie.

“The daily average number of people losing their lives in the United States, as of today [Monday] was 464. That’s per day,” Dr. Hancock explained. “So when you multiply that by 7, that is well over 3000 people within just a week’s period of time. Then, you multiply that by 4, that is 12,000 people per month.”

Dr. Hancock went on to explain that when people hear President Biden claiming that the pandemic is over, it actually does the opposite of what health care experts want to accomplish.

“When the general population hears that the pandemic is over, what that ends up translating into is that there is no longer a risk of infection, that there is no longer a need for us to get tested, no longer a need for us to operate in a space of protection when the perceived risk is low,” Dr. Hancock explained.

Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, a physician and health care expert in Maryland, couldn’t agree more. He says now there is much more data about the coronavirus which could help health care officials better prepare for the next potential outbreak. He explained that while the coronavirus pandemic cannot be compared to the common flu, the approach toward the two can now take a more similar path as the data has shown trends to be plateauing.

“It doesn’t mean the virus has gone. It means… [when comparing the two viruses] well, influenza is endemic, we can predict the number of deaths, we can predict the last season trends,” Dr. Mount Varner explained. “So SARS COV-2 has entered into that space, there is a greater prediction of what’s going to happen.”

While many people told DC News Now reporter Katie Rhee that they had no interest in getting another shot, Ward 4 resident Theresa Goodwin is due for her next booster. She says she’ll roll up her sleeve the first chance she gets.

“I was by someone that didn’t have any shots and didn’t want any shots and so that put me on a defense move. So it’s a lot the reason why you really need your COVID shot because a lot of people haven’t had a shot,” Goodwin said. “You got your elders, you’ve got your people with high-risk health conditions that need that individuals need to take consideration into.”

First doses and boosters are available at various private providers like CVS and Walgreens as well as public, free clinics. Vaccines can also be administered at physician’s offices. It is important to check with your healthcare provider about when you are eligible for your next dose.