(WDVM) — Omicron and COVID death numbers are all the talk right now, but how about where we are headed? HealthData.org has been keeping track of the projected numbers to see if the end of COVID is near.

According to the website, the Omicron variant — as well as daily death numbers — is going to keep growing into 2022.

In D.C. the reported deaths from Dec. 9, sit at an average of .32 deaths per day. That number is projected to rise to 3.01 deaths a day by Feb. 11. As for Omicron, HealthData.org projects D.C. to be around 6,269 cases by Jan. 21.

Maryland is very much in the same situation. The last reported daily death total reported on HealthData was 10.24 daily deaths on Nov. 30. That average is projected to rise to 61.6 deaths per day by Feb. 17. As for Omicron, it is projected to hit around 63,952 cases by Jan. 23.

Virginia is not immune to a rise in Omicron — it is projected to hit around 70,078 cases by Feb. 2. Death numbers reported on Dec. 9 were at an average of 23.45 per day. That number is projected to rise to 61.6 daily deaths by Feb. 17.

On the other hand, it seems as if West Virginia is performing the best. With reported average deaths sitting at 17.16 daily on Dec. 9, the projections show a decrease to 16.52 deaths per day on Feb. 13. That being said the projected Omicron cases sit around 12,904 by Jan. 29.

The report seems to say that while COVID, Omicron and the effects from it are not going anywhere anytime soon, there is hope that those numbers will be the peak and start to decrease.