HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) – As the public is becoming more aware of germs lurking on surfaces, sanitation workers are taking steps to protect themselves and their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s executive order, sanitation services for essential businesses are defined as part of the state’s critical infrastructure.

President of My Pristine Clean LLC Krystle O’Brien said her company has stopped their home cleaning, but are still cleaning at commercial offices.

“We’re out there on the front lines helping keep the workplaces clean, ” O’Brien said. “As far as the house cleaning side, we had to completely put a pause on services.”

Chris Sprankle said his cleaning company MaidPro is making sure their staff are preventing the spread of the virus and making sure to take time off if they’re feeling sick.

“We’ve actually orchestrated and put together a 45 minute training video specifically regarding the coranavirus,” Sprankle said. “To basically explain how to protect themselves if they are in people’s homes or out in public, and also how to disinfect properly using our chemicals and tools we have provided all of our cleaners with.”

Sprankle said the public should remember to consistently disinfect “high touch points” like doorknobs, light switches and cell phones but should also wipe down surfaces properly.

Disinfectant solution needs to be left on the surface for a period of time while the solution works to kill germs and bacteria.

“If you spray and wipe the surface dry before the chemical reaction is complete, you basically just annoyed the germs. You haven’t killed them,” Sprankle said. “Without the right amount of time, a disinfectant is no more helpful than soap and water.”