(DC News Now) — With flu season upon us, health officials are worried about a potential triple-demic, a period where people could be at risk of contracting three different viruses. Data showed during the height of the COVID pandemic that masking helped to stop the spread of the virus and there was also a decline in flu cases. But now with the risk of three surging viruses, could this mean a return to masking?

Data from the CDC is showing a rise in flu and COVID cases, along with Respiratory Syncytial Virus, known as RSV which is most common in young children. The surge is not only in the DMV but across the nation. Now health experts at the American Medical Association are warning of what they call a “triple-demic”. Could this mean a return to masking? Local health officials say not just yet.

“Yes, there are three viruses that are out in the community, but we haven’t gotten to that bridge,” Dr. James Bridgers Jr, Acting Chief Health Officer of Montgomery County Public Health Services, explained during Wednesday’s county COVID briefing. “We still continue to use data analysis and assess what the science is guiding us on. There hasn’t been an impetus to return to an indoor mask mandate.”

Health officials in Montgomery County say they are focusing on other tactics to stop the spread.

“The most effective mechanism to prevent the spread is vaccination,” Dr. Earl Stoddard, Montgomery County’s Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, explained. “Any decision by the health team to recommend masks again to the county council, that would be a far down pathway that we will consider.”

Some community members who spoke with DC News Now said they would welcome a return to masking.

“The mask mandate isn’t fun but I know it does help people around so I don’t mind,” Alexandria resident Matthew Jablonski said.

Laura Benson, a retired nurse with 40 years of service under her belt, agreed that a return to masking would be the right move.

“I think wearing masks is a low-level, easy thing to do, a minor inconvenience and everyone should think about doing it,” Benson said. “I have my mask in my pocket, I already have my flu vaccine, I already have my omicron booster, and if there were some to take for RSV if I was a little kid, I would do that too.”

While others like Falls Church Resident Paul Starke aren’t as keen.

“I don’t feel like we need to mask back up. I’ve been vaccinated five times plus a flu shot. Talk to all the experts that should be enough,” Starke said. “I don’t think most masks don’t work anyway so.”

Health officials recommend you get both your COVID booster and flu shot at the same. People should look out for wheezing or coughing, a fever, and a decrease in appetite in children as they are some of the symptoms of RSV.