WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Tens of millions of Americans with Medicaid coverage will have to reenroll for health insurance coverage this weekend, prompting health officials to share ways to ensure people in the DMV who are part of that group continue to have coverage.

While nationwide efforts are underway to notify people who need to take immediate action , not everyone may know how to keep their coverage.

Eight-five million Medicaid recipients no longer will be automatically reenrolled in the insurance program, a pandemic era policy ending March 31.

According to the DC Department of Health Care and Finance, beneficiaries will have 14 months to renew and update contact information, including birthdays and addresses.

If you’re an enrollee in our area who needs to verify your status, click on where you live in this list:

Enrollees can call, fax or visit offices to renew coverage, according to DC DHCF’s Medicaid Director Melisa Byrd.

“If folks need assistance in filling out those forms, for those who have to, some Medicaid beneficiaries have a case manager that will help them through that,” Byrd told DC News Now Thursday. “Other folks, when they go to their providers’ office, like a health center, they have assistors there on site to help as well,” she said.

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