BOWIE, Md. (WDVM) — A black-owned mental health clinic held a photo shoot to celebrate black sisterhood on Juneteenth.

The photo shoot was put on by Onyx Therapy Group to honor the ancestors of the company’s black employees.

The clinic was founded by Dr. LaNail Plummer, an army veteran and queer black woman.
Plummer organized the shoot to encourage her black colleagues to feel beautiful come together as a community. The shoot was photographed by black D.C. photographer Ornelle Chimi.

The group celebrated Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday earlier this past week.

“What I am most appreciative of us that it is now a national holiday, it is something that people have to talk about. We have to face the fact that we had enslaved people in this country, and some of us still feel enslaved…And recognizing there’s still more work to be done, but we can still celebrate what we have right now,” said Plummer.

Over 30 black woman attended the photo shoot at Dr. Plummer’s home in Maryland.