A West Virginia man is behind bars right now, on charges of attempted murder.

Berkeley County court records show that a man and woman were stabbed multiple times in a fight that took place in a Hedgesville home on Saturday. The suspect was identified as Nathaniel Files, 24, and has been charged with attempted murder, malicious wounding and drug possession.

One of the victims, Felicia Rannells, told police that Files refused to leave the home on Welltown Road, where the incident happened. She added that the suspect stabbed her boyfriend, Joshua Mills, multiple times.

Police said he had several stab wounds to his back, and also needed surgery for a wound on his hand. Rannells told troopers that she was also stabbed in the leg, while trying to break up the fight.

Authorities located Files shortly afterward at his home, and also found a knife covered in blood. Files is still being held on a $205,000 bond at the Eastern Regional Jail.