(WDVM) — There’s a new challenge circulating on social media, but this time, it’s for a good cause.

In the middle of pandemic, millions of Americans have been forced to  cut their own hair at home. Evan Winston, president of Hercules Fence, is one of them.

After a semi-failed attempt to cut his son’s hair, Winston decided to make a challenge out of it, and thus the Hercules Hair Cut Competition was born.

“My mind was opened during this pandemic, and I just wanted to raise awareness,” said Winston. “It was just a homegrown idea to raise morale with the company, that grew to raising morale elsewhere. Raise money, do good and have some fun.”

Employees and friends are encouraged participate in the challenge by simply snapping a photo or video of them cutting their hair with a face covering. The company will then donate $100 for each employee and $50 for every other participant. All proceeds will go local food banks in need.

Food banks play a huge role in keeping communities fed during this crisis. And Hercules employees are just happy to be able to give back.

“Being able to assist in the resources, to allow these unfortunate families that are in this situation, to be able to reach out and be able to help their families is just, it’s a blessing,” said Kristina Antonis, who serves as a Production Coordinator and Facility Security Officer at the company.

It’s a challenge the whole family can participate in. Even Kristina’s daughter, Presely, took part.

“I wanted to help other people because when I was younger, me and my grandmother, we used to make food and go the homeless and feed them food and now doing this has inspired me to do more,” said Presley.

So far Hercules has raised nearly $13,000 of $25,000 goal. If you like to donate to or be apart of the challenge, click here.