TAKOMA PARK, Md. (WDVM) — The city of Takoma Park is celebrating the 125th anniversary of their very first fire station which was built in 1927.

Not only is the station the first in Takoma Park but it’s also the first organized volunteer fire department in Montgomery County. It all started as a log cabin with a single apparatus.  The station was built with stone from Sligo Creek, and was remodeled in 1980, then again in 2008. The city was able to preserve the station’s historic look by keeping the stones used when it was first built.

“In 1927 they started construction on this building and it was a stone placed building and all the stones were hand carried from Sligo Creek up here to be built and that station was opened up for occupancy in 1928,” said Stephen Novik, Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department.

The station serves as a combination with career and volunteer firefighters.