WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Neighbors living on one D.C. road said that speeding is leading to repeated hit-and-run accidents out front of their homes.

“It’s very frustrating because you want to be able to be able to park your car and have it safe when you come back out,” said Tarita Basanta.

Basanta has owned a home on Good Hope Road in Southeast D.C. for years. She said the road is a hot spot for speeding.

“Usually it’s at high speeds,” she said. “We know the speed limit in D.C. is 25 miles per hour and people are easily going 60, 70 sometimes down this stretch.”

Basanta said she and her neighbors have become the victims of frequent hit-and-run accidents, with drivers hitting their parked cars and taking off.

“As a result of the high speeds and people not being very careful, several of the vehicles that park on this main strip have been hit and totaled. Within the last, I would say about eight months, five cars been totaled, and multiple cars hit and damaged,” she said.

That includes her Mercedes, which was totaled after someone hit it and bent the axel. Between her and her spouse, they’ve had three of their parked cars hit.

“The reality is it costs all of us money. It is money that comes out of your pocket that you would like to keep in your pocket,” she said.

There is a speed camera further up the road on the 2300 block of Good Hope Road. And, according to data from DDOT, more than 16,000 tickets were issued there from January through September of 2022.

However, Basanta and her neighbors feel like more needs to be done to slow drivers down.

“Right now with the speed camera up the street it’s not a deterrent at all because most people know where it is,” she said. “Speed strips, another additional camera would make a deterrent.”

According to DDOT Director Everett Lott, safety improvements are on the way for Good Hope Road.

In a statement he said, ”DDOT has identified Good Hope Road SE as a High Injury Network corridor, meaning we are prioritizing it for safety improvements. An evaluation is currently underway that will supplement the existing speed camera in managing speeds along this section of the corridor.”

Lott continued, “High speeds are an underlying factor in many of the crashes we see on Good Hope Road. We plan to advance the implementation of safety improvements between late 2023 and mid-year 2024 timeframe following the completion of evaluation and design.”