Through a partnership with Source America and Montgomery County Public Schools, 20 girls participating in the Girlz Engineering Camp have the chance to both learn and create new opportunities for Horizon Goodwill Industries.
“Source America hosts an annual design challenge that matches high school teens with local non-profits like Goodwill, and they work together to build a system technology to overcome an employment barrier,” Charissa Garcia, Source America.  
This year’s challenge involves Goodwill’s ecommerce website. The girls will first learn the ins-and-outs and then work to improve it for those with workplace barriers and disabilities.
“They’re learning that people with disabilities need something to do their job, but they are still employable,” Garcia stated.  
With women still a minority in the STEM field, many are excited to know that these are girls are looking to bridge the gap.
“It’s feels like I’m kind of defying a lot of things that not very many people try to do,” said ninth-grader Shannon McDonald.