Despite the endless possibilities to explore, the internet does come with a dark side.

“Use common sense, you seen kids go off to go meet people who they met on the internet and then they disappear and then their bodies are found a week later,” said Logan McNew, 13-year-old internet user.

That’s where content filtering comes in handy.

“Technology that you can utilize on your computers or on your devices to block websites or block content that you don’t want your children to view,” Barry Arendt, owner of ThinkEZ IT Computer Solutions said.

 “It’s really important to be cognizant of what their kids are doing on the internet,” said Jason McNew, owner of Stronghold Cyber Security and Logan’s dad.

Especially when they’re unsupervised. Some of the filtering can be done through the main internet connection, cell phone software or computer devices.

“There are a lot of products that are coming on the market that are cheaper and much easier to use and you pay a monthly feel and they are pretty effective,” Jason said.

Stronghold Cyber Security says to keep watch of kids trying to get around the filter. While content filtering is seen as a necessary tool, experts says keeping your child safe goes back to education.

“In the long run, really just educating and paying attention to the kids and what they’re doing on the computer is the most important at a young age,” Arendt said.