WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Ahead of tonight’s kickoff between the Washington Commanders and New York Giants, thousands of fans and FedEx Field employees are already winning. Metro is extending service after midnight in order to have trains on the platform when the late-night game comes to an end.

On a normal Sunday, trains would run until midnight. However — for tonight only — the two stations closest to FedEx Field will have trains running until roughly 12:30 a.m. Trains during this “overtime” service will be free.

The “last train” schedule for Sunday’s special Metro service.

Fans and workers will be able to leave the game and head straight to either Downtown Largo or Morgan Boulevard stations to get home. Riders will hop on a train from one of those two stations, and then continue to their final station stop. All of Metro’s other 95 stations will be exit-only.

The price tag to keep the DMV’s largest transit system operating one hour longer than usual is high — coming in at $100,000. Metro says the Washington Commanders picked up the tab.

“Under the agreement, the Commanders will provide free fare for all customers that want to stay until the end of the game and use Metro during the additional hour of service,” the transit agency said in a statement.