PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WDVM) — Life is good for 52-year-old Anne Marie Jones. She has her own apartment and a full-time job. But at a young age, Jones’s life was forever changed.

“I was 13-years-old and I was sleeping and my older brother, which is five years older than me, came in my room and molested me,” said Jones.

Jones was sworn to secrecy to not say anything by her mother. When Jones became an adult, she says her other brother molested her daughter.
Jones reported him to the police, not wanting what happened to her – to happen to her daughter, but when she did – her family turned against her. She lost everything and turned to drugs.

“My sister-in-law said I have something for you. Why don’t you try this. It’ll take everything away, and it was crack cocaine,” said Jones

Jones sent her oldest daughter to live with her father. Then she turned to the streets where she met a man.

“I wound up falling in love with him and didn’t know he was a pimp from New York,” said Jones.

Her pimp sent her on dates for money. For 10 years, Jones was being used for sex. She tried to get away from him by entering a drug and alcohol facility — but he found her.

“He paid people on the streets to tell them him where I was, that’s how he found out where I was,” said Jones.

Jones became pregnant with twin daughters.

“We went back to the house, not knowing there was another woman there and they told me they were taking the twins and they said they were going to go to the bedroom where they had it all set up with a crib, their bed and I was put to the couch,” said Jones.

Jones would lose her twins, but her pimp left the country with the twins. Jones went back to the streets where she was arrested for prostitution.

“They got out and said you’re under arrest, and I said on I’m not and they said you’re going to jail and he said you’re rescuing me,” said Jones.

In her time behind bars, Jones learned about Dawn’s Place. A place where victims of human trafficking go to get help.

At Dawn’s Place is where Jones met Carol Metzker, an ally of survivors, and later on they formed a friendship.

The two wrote a book entitled “A Shield Against the Monster: Protecting Children From Human Trafficking”.

“That would teach parents and caregivers, teachers grandparents how to protect kids and how to protect more victims,” said Metker.

Metzker has made it her mission to help victims of human trafficking.

“Primarily it’s to educate the community. To enlist the community in helping with resources for survivors and to help prevent new victims,” said Metker.

Jones now works at Dawn’s Place as a Peer Recovery Specialist and assists women who were once in her shoes. She has a message for all victims.

“They can get out, just like I got out, there’s definitely help, they just have to find it,” said Jones.