Over 300 cars from the Four-State region were all on display at the 25th Annual Car & Truck Show. 

The show brings awareness Alzheimer’s and its growing numbers in our country.

“Up to this point we’ve given over $614,000 to the Greater Maryland Alzheimer’s Association,” said Edwin Zimmerman, Organizer, 25th Annual Car Show.

Some may wonder why Edwin Zimmerman uses his love for cars to raise money for Alzheimer’s.

“In 1993, when I started the show, I had a grandmother in a nursing home, and she passed away in 1994. At our first meeting, I said, ‘We’re going to do a beneficiary for Alzheimer’s'” said Zimmerman.

It didn’t stop there; 10 years later, Alzheimer’s had another effect on him, and this time, he lost his father.

“It’s near and dear to the Zimmerman family,” he said..

Over the years, with support from hundreds of locals, it became near and dear to others as well.

“I support it, because it’s for Alzheimer’s, so I might as well help myself as well as others,” said David, who was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“This is such a cause to me, because not only losing my husband after 13 years with this disease, but also because we need the research in order to find a cure,” said Kathy Siggins, Member, Alzheimer’s Association.

Members of the Alzheimer’s Association said nearly 100,000 people are currently living with Alzheimer’s.

“The Alzheimer’s Association appreciates the generosity of the club members that every year come out, showcase their cars and contribute to the cause” said Cathy Hanson, Alzheimer’s Association, Program Manager.

Zimmerman, who plans to continue the annual car show, said it’s been successful over the years through many generous donations.

This year, the show was sponsored by the heart of Maryland Classic Chevy Club.