The new deadline this year to file your taxes is April 18th

Officials suggest that you file electronically because it your taxes will be submitted in a timelier manner. They also say that you should not forget to include yearly expenses like property tax, or charitable contributions.

“People’s tax returns are getting more and more complicated,” said Bev Stitely, a managing partner at Saunders Tax in Hagerstown. “Even when you think it’s simple, it usually is not.  There are more things that have been added in the past years. For example, ObamaCare. Starting last year we all have to answer questions about our healthcare, so if you’re not sure about something on your tax return, get some help.”

This year, experts also say that there has been a high number of identity theft fishing scams, so in order to stay clear of those, avoid giving out personal information over the phone or email.

Lastly, if you are running out of time to file your taxes, you should consider filing an extension.