(DC News Now) — On August first, from 9 a.m. till midnight many micro-celebrities and influencers are asking users to boycott Instagram.

The movement began with artists and influencers that primarily garner traction and make their living by sharing works and making posts on platforms such as Instagram. Their grievance is with the latest changes to the application and in particular its new algorithm and ‘Tik-Tok like’ features.

Many users have noted that the app no longer pushes users to the content they follow nearly as much as it directs users to general content based on an unseen algorithm. Influencers and micro-celebrities that made their careers by receiving regular viewership are reporting massive losses in viewers irrespective of how much they post or how many followers they have. They attribute this to changes in the application’s algorithm and new additions intended to take attention away from the typical feed.

The Instagram reels feature follows a similar model to Tik-Tok and youtube stories, however many users report that the reels they see do not seem connected to their usage habits.

The aim of this boycott is to impact Instagram’s advertising revenue for a day, the organizers hope that this will force the company to see and respond to these grievances.