ANNANDALE, Va (WDVM) — As we come close to a year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have shown signs of depression, anxiety and even COVID post traumatic stress disorder.

According to a cross-sectional online study, 31.8% of participants indicated high levels of PTSD symptoms. Those at the forefront battling the pandemic, frontline workers are also facing COVID PTSD like Doctor Jongmyeong Lee.

“Every, you know, think about every, every, like, pandemic, history, even, you know, middle ages passed, or even only 1900 Spain flu. Afterward, it’s dramatic impact everywhere to everybody. So we do have a, you know, suffering some post-pandemic, depression or somehow, you know, many different kinds of psychological problems, but PTSD, definitely going to be there,” said Lee.

Lee says she sees the impacts in both young children and adults at her private practice, Happy Family Health.

Courtesy Dr. Jongmyeong Lee

“As a primary care physician specialists specializing in the family medicine I’ve been seeing from, you know, newborn to the all the way 101-year-old,” said Lee.

She says her mission is to help others no matter the injury, visible or not.

“People seek healthcare professionals, to get their care. That is very important,” state Lee. “In Korean, there’s a word called, ‘Spirit.’ My ‘spirit’ or purpose in life is to help people.”

While many patients opted for telehealth during the pandemic, doctor lee noticed the need for more office hours. So she extended her time to help the vulnerable while battling her own COVID tragedies.

“I actually lost very close of my colleague a Doctor who was also my mentor. He was very, very healthy, he, even did not even have any medical problem at all,” said Lee. “And he got COVID. He died, so even young age […] so that’s why I feel same and you never know who can get this, just like the flu.”

Although she faced no patient deaths, with the passing of her mentor and the overwhelming number of COVID deaths, she expresses the importance of getting the COVID vaccine.

“It’s very frustrating sometimes for people to doubt, and not get vaccinated and even refuse to vaccinate and continue this disease to spread and also they can get the covid symptoms, and who read the vaccine.

Doctor Lee was one of 100 doctors selected for Frontline Heroes Day by the Virginia Department of Health, after receiving authorization to administer COVID shots at her practice.

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