The Frederick Jazz Festival welcomed its second year along Carroll Creek to a crowd of fans all interested in jamming to the genre.

“We think that Frederick has a really strong jazz community and we decided to bring it home. We have a lot of great artists from Frederick, Baltimore, D.C.,” explained organizer for the event, John Maestri.

The festival highlighted five different bands and musicians in the lineup who played throughout the day.

New to the stage this year is the Eric Byrd trio.

They say the festival highlights a genre as old as American itself. 

“Jazz is people music. Its music that was invented, originated right here. Came up through the unfortunate slave experience, but something beautiful came out of something that was not so beautiful,” said vocalist and pianist for the Eric Byrd Trio, Eric Byrd.  

More than 500 guests filled the amphitheater, that’s nearly double the attendance of last year’s event.

They kicked back, visited the more than 14 vendors, and just enjoyed the music many grew up listening to.

“I grew up listening to jazz, as well as all types of music. I really enjoy jazz because it’s the foundation of all music styles out there. I like the beat, so therefore, this is a great opportunity,” said Frederick Jazz Festival attendee, Tameka Johnson.  

And an opportunity that doesn’t involve too long of a drive for the local and nearby residents of Frederick to attend jazz festivals. 

“If you’re in the Washington metropolitan area there are quite a few, you have the Capital Jazz [Fest] and the D.C. Jazz [Festival], but I think it’s great that Frederick is having its own jazz festival also,” explained attendee to the festival, E. Darlene. Rogers.

About $1,500 in proceeds from the jazz festival’s attendance fees will go towards the non-profit, Happy Hubz.