UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — On Tuesday, Micah Shrewsberry called his team “soft” after their 20 point loss at Rutgers. After a “spirited” few days of practice, the Nittany Lions clearly took Shrews’ call out to heart, as they stomped Michigan by 22.


“So, he challenged us, he did it,” said Jalen Pickett, Penn State senior guard. “And kind of looking back on, it was kind of a funny way. He made it, like, a highlight tape called us ‘soft’ because we played soft on the road. So, we came out this game really focused on, you know, setting screens, being physical, boxing out and, you know, making people play our game.”

“We just came together with our defense today,” said Michael Henn, Penn State senior forward. “There was a lot of emphasis defensively these last couple days. You know, Shrews called us out in the media, whatever it was. We tightened some stuff up today.”

In the ten point loss at Michigan earlier in the month, junior center Hunter Dickinson had 17 points for the Wolverines. On Sunday, Penn State held him to just six.

In addition to their strong defensive effort, the Nittany Lions put up 49 first half points, their most of the season. They ended the first half on a 18-2 run, then scored 15 unanswered to start the second half.

“I was proud of how we came out to to start the second half, you know, kind of kept the crowd in it, which was great,” said Shrewsberry. “Like, I thought we went on that run along on, you know, over two halves and it kept everybody in it. And our guys really fed off that.

Sunday’s win was the largest ever over Michigan, and the Nittany Lions will need all the momentum they can get, as a road trip to number 1 Purdue is up next. Tipoff set for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday from West Lafayette, In.