Daybreak Adult Day Services in Frederick offers a safe place to help keep senior citizens’s mind and body active during the day.

“I love coming here. I ride the bus, the bus picks me up. I live with my youngest son, and his family,” said Gail Stevenson, who attends Daybreak Adult Day Services.

“It does two things: it helps the seniors by giving them a safe place with the medical support that they may need, but it also gives their family the opportunity to have a break for some care, that they can use for working, taking care of their own household needs, or just resting,” said Daybreak Adult Day Services Program Director, Christina Forbes.

“The company, the social, the good food, the quiet, something to do,” added Stevenson.

Health officials say senior day centers play a very important role in the lives of elders, by encouraging them to become, and remain social. They say socializing can help seniors with depression, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

“We’re licensed to accommodate 70 people per day, and we average about 60 to 65 each day. Some people are with us just for a few months before either they move onto a long term care living situation, or maybe move with another child in another location. And some people have been with us for many years,” said Forbes.

It’s also helping Rosamond Adoo, 96, who has been attending Daybreak for about three months.

“You have exercises and different things, and they give us the story of America, and so many lessons we enjoy,” said Adoo.

Officials at Daybreak Adult Day Services say that they are the only adult day care center in Frederick County, Md., and they say grant money helps them support the growing senior population.

“We get a variety of grants every year. Last year we used over $176,000 in grant funding to subsidize people who couldn’t afford the full cost of coming here. About 40 percent of our clients are subsidized to some degree,” added Forbes.