If you’ve been to Downtown Manassas in the last couple of years, you may have noticed little bits of art around the city.

Manassas artists are getting creative with their canvases. From electrical boxes, to alleyways, to benches, you’re never far away from a work of art in Historic Downtown Manassas.

“Some of the things I’ve done are kind of slightly hidden and hopefully people will just sort of notice them out of the corner of their eye and get kind of a smile out of it,” says artist Michele Frantz.

Little bits of art embellish city buildings, like bricks painted by artists on city hall or abstract sculptures nearby.

No matter your taste, there’s something for everyone’s pallet.

Artists say they are encouraged to follow their own muse.

They’re always up to something new, like a starry night train displayed at Harris Pavilion, tying in important history of the city.

The artists say creating brings them joy, but they hope it makes visitors smile as well. 

“There’s so many problems in this world and it’s kind of nice that we can use art in a positive way so that people will want to come and see the art and enjoy it…and of course that also motivates people to come into town which is good for all of the businesses and stuff too,” says artist Mary Reilly.  

Artist Steven Morales is tackling the next project on the agenda: two boarded up windows facing main street.

He and the other artists have taken ordinary things and made them extraordinary.

“This is our main parade route and those are two boarded up windows on the parade route, why not have a bunch of children hanging out the window? What could be better? What brings more joy than children?” says Morales.

The artists are already brainstorming new projects to make their town even more beautiful and they’ve proved that anything can be art.

There’s other artistic surprises sprinkled throughout the city, so if you’re looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon, go and check it out.