VIENNA, Va. (WDVM) — When Andrea Diaz lost her job as a bartender when the COVID-19 pandemic began, she started to think of another way to make an income.

Diaz saw how the children were negatively impacted by the pandemic, and the idea hit her — Diaz would create a service where she could bring her pet alpacas, Pisco and Chewpacca, to visit children.

She originally wanted have the alpacas in parades with firefighters, but realized it would be too hot for the baby alpacas to walk for that long in the heat. She thought about driving them instead. That’s when My Pet Alpaca was born.

“It’s very easy for kids to run out of things to do, and usually alpaca deliveries are not a thing…so this is something new, I think,” said Diaz. “And they are very, very fluffy, so that’s the thing kids love about them the most, I think.”

Diaz says her business is so successful because they are keeping the rates low; $40 for a half an hour, and $60 for a full hour.

Diaz says the alpacas are always excited to visit the kids. Whenever she takes them outside to get ready for a delivery, they always want to “hop in.”

Currently, she is booking appointments through their Facebook page, but the official website will be launching soon.