A local Frederick, Maryland business is taking off onto the national scene after striking a deal with two major chain retailers.

Lesley Riley started Mama Biscuit’s in Frederick in 2015 and plans to maintain all the manufacturing of her biscuit products in the city, even when it hits the shelves in more than seven states around the country.

The business currently employs 10 people, but is looking to double that number by the end of 2018.

“Everything comes out of Frederick. We’ve had people talk to us about going to co-packers and stuff like that but, why send it to co-packers and let them have the jobs when we can keep the jobs right here. That’s the catalyst behind a small business, is being able to create jobs locally,” said owner and founder of Mama Biscuit’s, Lesley Riley.

Mama Biscuit’s will hit the shelves of two major retailers by May. The names of those retailers will be publicly announced at a later date.