A Frederick nursing assistant outshines thousands of nominees for the title of National Caregiver of the Year award.

Debra Blank has been a caregiver for Right at Home elder care over the past 12 years.

Blank was recently recognized out of more than 25,000 caretakers across the nation for her leadership in helping train fellow caregivers, and her ability to connect with and help more than five hospice clients.

She says it’s all about spreading joy.

“That’s the thing – trying to make them happy, try to get them to laugh cause I’m a little silly, as you notice. And just to make their day better. I’m very honored, and I’m humbled, and I’m awed about it,” 2018 Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year recipient, Debra Blank.  

Blank now becomes the second caregiver to take the title from the Frederick branch of right at home.