A local church in Montgomery County is celebrating the grand opening of a new senior housing development.

What once was just an empty field is now what some say is a blessing. Pastor Eldridge Spearman from Mount Jezreel Baptist Church said, “This is a fulfillment. We believe our mission, and our good work, for the cause of Christ.”

The new development has 75 mixed-income apartments for seniors in the county ages 62 and over. Members of the Mount Jezreel Baptist Church expressed excitement as they opened a brand new affordable senior living community, called “The Sanctuary.” It was a joint effort between the church and local leaders, that took place over the course of 15 months.

Nolu Crockett-Ntonga., a member of the church and the second resident to move into the Sanctuary, says she’s thankful to be apart of a community in Montgomery County that seeks opportunities for all. “Most salaries aren’t going up as fast as the rent is going up, so it’s really wonderful,” Crockett-Ntonga expressed.

State and county leaders, in addition to all who contributed to this project talked about the great things that came out of everyone working as a team.

“This has been a labor of love, and it’s been part of our company’s work for about three and a half years,” stated Harkins Builders VP, Dave Miller.

Pastor Spearman emphasized how proud he is of all who worked hard to turn this into something that serves the community.

“Our neighbors were just so cooperative, and seems just so supportive of the effort, and we’re just grateful to God again,” Pastor Spearman said.

The Mount Jezreel senior housing community will also include senior veterans.