A local independent film director is creating a buzz with a documentary called “Black, White, and Blue.” The film discusses the history of race related issues in America.

“The documentary showcases all of the current events that are happening now, but also ties into everything that was happening in the past,” said Asia Norris, the director of “Black, White, & Blue.”

Following recent protests across the country, Maryland native Asia Norris had a vision.

“To see this recurrence of history happening it’s kind of mind boggling for me,” said Norris.

It gave her motivation to explore topics like the Black Lives Matter movement, environmental racism, and the Flint water crisis.

“They don’t have the resources or accessibility to thrive so that was another thing that was important for me to capture,” said Norris.

Curtis Scoon, a producer on the film, says his goal is to make this an unbiased film by giving viewers facts and highlighting some of his favorites in his community.

“That’s the thing about ‘Black, White, and Blue.’ I wanted to showcase strong, accomplished black people who have the means to fix their own community,” said Scoon.

Scoon and Norris began their research and started filming just last year.

“I believe we have more concerns than simply police brutality, which is an important concern but it doesn’t really address all the things that impacts the Black community,” said Scoon.

Both Curtis and Asia are hoping people will find a truth in this movie that will one day bring change, by leaving viewers to make their own conclusions.

The independent documentary is set for release in early 2018.