WASHINGTON (WDVM) – On Saturday, July 17th, four people were injured following a shooting outside of Nationals Park during the Nationals-Padres game.

The game was suspended and will resume on Sunday, July 18th, at 1:05 p.m.

On Sunday morning, Nationals’ skipper Davey Martinez spoke with the media before the game, addressing what happened and how everyone felt.

“Yesterday was a very scary situation,” said Davey when asked about the immediate reaction following the noise of gunshots. “My job was to get the players safe, first and foremost. Get everybody off the field, and start worrying about their families, and trying to do the best I can to get them down to the players as quickly as we possibly can. And then also, I started worrying about the fans as well.”

Speaking to the fans, he said some of them tried to take cover in our dugout, and he said he wanted to get them safe as well.

“We got them through the tunnel, and got them in safely, and try to keep them safe as well,” said Davey. “For me, it was just about protecting our people, our own, and just trying to stay calm.”

According to the DC Police Department, they are looking for a vehicle believed to be connected to the shooting outside Nationals Park.

“I want to thank everybody that was involved that helped,” said Davey. “Our security, MPD, firefighters, everybody that was involved yesterday, thank them all for doing the best they could to keep us safe.”

When asked about the fears that fans and even club staff felt being near or traveling around the ballpark, Davey Martinez, in a vulnerable moment, reiterated his message of love and loyalty to Nationals’ fans and the District of Columbia as a whole.

“I love this city. You know this city is my home.” said Davey, taking a long pause to collect himself before moving forward, “It can get crazy. We all know that. And we all want to feel safe. I can tell you that inside this ballpark, I feel safer than ever; I really do. We care about each other. We don’t want anybody getting hurt. For me yesterday, like I said, I tried to protect as many people as possible.”