(WDVM) — It is time to go stargazing this weekend as a Total Lunar Eclipse will happen Sunday. What happens is the moon will cross the earth’s shadow making the moon a coppery reddish color.

“This weekend we are treated to a spectacular sight of a full moon culminating in a lunar eclipse. Now, I would encourage people to go out anytime during the night, Saturday night, Sunday night, and even Friday night. Look up to the sky and you’ll see the beautiful majesty of a full moon,” Dr. Noah Petro a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Project Scientist with NASA said.

The last time we saw a total lunar eclipse was back in May 2021. But why does the moon turn red when it passes through the earth’s shadow.

“The moon turns this beautiful red color during the eclipse because of this really special connection between earth and the moon. Just the same reason why when you go out at sunset or sunrise the horizon turns that beautiful red-orange color. Well now imagine all of the sunrises and sunsets from the earth get projected onto the surface of the moon when it passes in. To the shadow of the earth and so spring the peak of the eclipse was just just a ride,” Dr. Petro continued.

During this time the moon will enter the penumbra which is part of the Earth’s shadow where the Sun is only partially covered by the Earth. The umbra is where the Sun is completely hidden. The Moon’s appearance isn’t affected much by the penumbra. The real action begins when the Moon starts to disappear as it enters the umbra at about 10:28 p.m. EDT on the 15th. An hour later, entirely within the umbra, the Moon is a ghostly copper color. Totality lasts for an hour and a half before the Moon begins to emerge from the central shadow. Throughout the eclipse, the Moon is moving throught the constellation Libra.


This year’s eclipse will last about 84 minutes. And if you are interested in seeing this light show – here are some tips on the best way to see it.

“You know, find your ideal location whether it’s in your backyard or on the top of your building or in some location we have a beautiful, unobstructed view of the sky. You want to be clear of bright lights or tall buildings around you if you can and just relax and enjoy the show,” Dr. Petro continued.

So sit back relax and enjoy the show. The eclipse will begin around 10 p.m. Sunday night and will be at its peak around midnight. For more information about the eclipse, you can visit their website.