The 2019 Parkinson’s Community Seminar took place in Hagerstown Friday.

About 150 people attended the annual conference, many of them were Parkinson’s patients and caregivers.

Medical professionals from all over the area came in to educate attendees about the degenerative brain disease.

There were question and answer sessions and as well as 15 vendors from local care groups and major drug companies.

One topic discussed was the importance of exercise for those with Parkinson’s.

Stephen D. Ryan said, “Some of the things that happen with Parkinson’s disease is your movements tend to get smaller and slower. The role of exercise in the treatment of Parkinson’s is to mitigate the physical effects of the disease.”

There is also a program here in Hagerstown that is designed for Parkinson’s disease patients to help them with the slowness of movement and physical changes that occur as a result of the disease.