FREDERICK, M.d. (WDVM) — Every new year people all around make new fitness goals. The Hagerstown Parks and Recreation department helps with those goals by hosting their 9th Annual Hub City 100 miler.

Several walkers and runner were at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds park participating in the 100 miler to kick off their 2022 fitness goals.

Around nine years ago, Washington county being the fifth most obese county in the united states. At that time, the Hagerstown Parks and Recreation department wanted to implement a fitness program that anyone could participate in. Thus the 100 miler was born and participants started their 100 mile journey.

“The purpose of the 100 miler is to get people outside moving healthy in the new year. So it does mean a lot to be able to be able to have this event this evening, Recreation Coordinator, Amy Riley explained.” “Still feeling safe outdoors in a group setting, but just meeting other folks who have health and fitness on their minds.”

Due to the pandemic, last years event was held virtually so participants were more than happy to gather once again.

“Last year, a lot of people told me I couldn’t do it this year. So I proved them all wrong, participant Lisa Whiting explained.” “I did at least one mile more a day and I did with flying colors and I lost weight and I felt so good. And so I’m back in my second year.”

If you are interested in joining in on the challenge, officials say there is still time to get in those miles before the 100 days are over in April. Participants will then come back to do one final mile walk and receive some well deserved prizes.

All proceeds from the miler will go towards programs hosted by the Hagerstown Parks and Recreation department.